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Discover how Avola Decision can improve the decision management of your organisation through the automation of decision models

Build Your Decision Models using the DMN Standard

Avola Decision allows you to intuitively structure and visualise the business data needed for expressing their decision logic. At the top level you define the main conclusion your decision logic should reach. In our example the decision logic should allow to draw a conclusion about the coverage of a luggage claim object. To draw that conclusion at the highest level, we will need information about the luggage claim object, the use of the object (careless or not), coverage in case it is a valuable object, and coverage in case the claim is related to a holiday lodging. The logic of the latter two pieces of information are themselves conclusions of lower-level decisions. The decision model also highlights that the business data needed come from 2 sources: the luggage claim and the luggage claim object.

Express Your Decision Logic using Decision Tables

Avola Decision then allows you to express the logic within each decision of your decision model. This is done through the use of decision tables. Decision tables are a very intuitive and communicative way to express logic. In a decision table, every row constitutes the expression of a complete business rule. If all of the conditions in a row are true, then that row will be executed, and implicitly lead to the conclusion of the given row. The content of the individual condition and conclusion cells can either be fixed values, references to the values of other business data, or formulas and calculations. This way all types of decision logic can be easily and intuitively documented by business users.

Validate Individual Test Scenarios using Avola Surveys

Once the decision tables within a decision model are filled with the appropriate business logic, Avola Decision allows you to easily validate and verify the correct working of your decision logic. One of the powerful ways to do that is to fill out a survey form, then run the scenario and look at the scenario execution results.

Populate Test Scenario Batches using Avola Excel Templates

In order to fully test through a decision model, you will probably want to execute a few hundreds or even thousands of test scenarios. To accomplish this in the most efficient way Avola Decision provides you with a Avola Excel Template to fill out the required business data values for all of your scenarios. Once this is done, simply upload the Test Scenario sheet and execute the entire batch in no time.

Easily Validate Test Scenario Results

The result of the executed test scenarios is easily validated. Through color coding you can immediately distinguish successful executions from unsuccessful executions. The latter two can either be “Code Orange” or “Code Red”. Code Red means that the executed scenario didn’t lead to a valid conclusion, meaning that your decision logic isn’t complete or is having overlaps. Code Orange means that the executed scenario produces a result, but apparently this does not match your expected value. By having a simple look at the rows hit in the different decision tables of your model, Avola Decision will help you to find the root cause of your problem and will help you to solve on the spot. Then you just have to re-run your test scenarios and make sure all results get “Code Green”.

Manage Your Decision Logic Business Data by Business Domain

As a business owner you wouldn’t want inappropriate people to create or update decision models that fall under your authority. Avola Decision makes sure that this does not happen by structuring all of the business data used in decision models by business domain. And by mapping each Avola user to one or more business domains, Avola Decision makes sure that only the right people can view or update your business data and your business logic. If decision models are cross-domain, then Avola Decision will automatically take the business owners of these other domains in the loop of your decision modelling projects, for both authorisation and validation purposes.

Apply Appropriate Governance to Your Decision Logic

Through a combination of business domain and business data access and the use of roles within the decision management platform, Avola Decision assures that the right governance around decision management is automatically implemented and imposed on your business organisation. This includes, for every decision model version, that only the right people are modelling your decision logic. But also that there is always appropriate quality assurance, project management, decision logic approval and release management.