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Join the Avola Decision webinar and discover how to manage continuously changing regulations in a proactive way using decision modeling!

How to anticipate continuously changing regulations.

To thrive in a dynamic environment, an organisation needs to be able to tackle continuous change in regulations. Rules and regulations change frequently, and organisations need to be able to implement them quickly to meet the deadline. One way of proactively preparing for adapting regulations is decision modeling 

Decision Modeling allows you to structure regulations and (business) rules in decision models, which can be automated. The business itself can build a decision model by gathering all the regulations into decision tables. The model can easily be adapted afterwards by adjusting the necessary rules and creating a new version. This allows you to use both the previous regulations and the new ones simultaneously. Decision models can thus be efficiently governed by the business itself.  

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When will the webinar take place?

The webinar takes place on October 18, 2017 at 3PM CEST, and will take 45 to 60 minutes.

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You're welcome to join us at Het Depot in Leuven (BE).

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By train: Het Depot is located across the train station of Leuven. You can simply exit the station, and you'll find Het Depot tucked in the right corner of the square.

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